My lifelong fascination with drawing led me to a B.A. in Art from the University of Bridgeport (Connecticut). I went through several phases of media, which included watercolor, ink, acrylic and oil paint and pastels. Some favorite subjects were: boats, carousels, landscapes and portraiture.

Teaching art in public school gave way to a course of study in computer graphics at The School of Visual Art in Manhattan. After 30 years of doing graphic design, retirement in 2013 brought about a chance to apply old and new skills. A love of photography spurred me to create 3-dimensional assemblages using my own photographs.

I began combining the pictures with found elements and, when I couldn’t find what I wanted, I began creating elements out of soldered brass sheet and wire — also, copper and tin sheet.

As time passed, I began to leave photography behind and create sculptures made entirely of soldered metal. I also began adding color where I felt it was appropriate. Subject matter and level of abstraction continue to change in an evolving creative journey.

Richard J Cuccaro


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